Welcome to ProComputers.com Virtual Image Library:

To see all the AMIs released by ProComputers.com Virtual Image Library, please browse our listing on the AWS Marketplace.

About ProComputers.com AMIs:

In order to work with Amazon EC2 or VPC, all ProComputers.com AMIs are slightly modified from what you would have immediately after installing the operating system from a release CD. Below are couple of highlights concerning ProComputers.com images:

  1. All packages are installed within one single 8 or 10 (for RHEL) GiB instance volume.
  2. Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) AMIs are integrated with Red Hat Update Infrastructure (RHUI) in all AWS regions. This gives users the possibility to install new RPM packages and get regular security updates without purchasing a separate RHEL subscription. For more information please see this link.
  3. Root partition and the corresponding filesystem are automatically extended if selected volume is bigger than the default one.
  4. All AMIs are minimal installations, that contain just enough packages to run within AWS, bring up a SSH Server and allow users to login.
  5. Cloud-init, as well as the security updates available at the release date are included.
  6. The network is configured to use DHCP and SELinux is enabled by default. Enhanced Networking using the Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) is enabled.
  7. ssh root login is disabled and only a special user is available and allowed to login using ssh and the public key specified at instance launch time. This special user is centos for CentOS AMIs, fedora for Fedora AMIs and ec2-user for RHEL AMIs.
  8. Every time the AMI is booted, cloud-init fetches the public half of an SSH key pair specified at instance launch time and arranges for this special user login using that key. Additional information can be found at here.
  9. The AMI version you are using can be found by running cat /etc/procomputers-release command. This file is updated every time a new AMI version is released. The version string looks something like this: CentOS-8.1-x86_64-Minimal-8GiB-HVM-20200407_163908.
  10. During first boot, all ProComputers.com AMIs will perform a SELinux re-labeling, therefore this first boot will take with couple of seconds more than a normal one.
  11. When you terminate the instance, the attached EC2 volume is automatically deleted! If you want to keep it, please make sure that you are stopping instead of terminating the instance. Eventually you cound enable Termination Protection as described here.

Support request:

For any issues with images provided by ProComputers.com, please contact ProComputers.com Support. Include with yout request the AMI version (output of cat /etc/procomputers-release command) you are using, the instance type and the region. This will help us when trying to reproduce your issue.

Custom Cloud Image creation:

If you have custom image building requirements, please contact ProComputers.com Support, and we'll be more than happy to discuss with you.

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