Welcome to ProComputers.com Virtual Image Library:

ProComputers.com Virtual Image Library provides open source software bundled together into solutions ready to be launched on-demand in the cloud. Our aim is to create one of the largest available virtual image libraries with all varieties of applications and tools. Built and pre-tested by a community of experts, our solutions are 100% open source and free from expensive and restrictive proprietary licensing.

While security is top priority, our images are easy to use, fully customizable and run out of the box. Standard features will include intuitive web user interfaces, daily security updates and smart backups. We think that ProComputers.com Virtual Image Library will become one of the best cloud solutions one-stop shops, helping users save time and money by discovering and leveraging the best free open source software.

To see all the AMIs released by ProComputers.com Virtual Image Library, please browse our listing on the AWS Marketplace.

About ProComputers.com AMIs:

In order to work with Amazon EC2 or VPC, all ProComputers.com AMIs are slightly modified from what you would have immediately after installing the operating system from a release CD. Below are couple of highlights concerning ProComputers.com images:

Support request:

For any issues with images provided by ProComputers.com, please

Custom AMI development:

All ProComputers.com Virtual Image Library public solutions are free to be used by anyone. However, if you have custom image building requirements, please , and we'll be more than happy to discuss and send you a quote.